Classic Q Records LLC.

Classic Q Records LLC. manufactures, distributes, publishes and markets master sound recordings and videos. Classic Q Productions offers music production and songwriting services in a state of the art recording studio.

Quentin was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He resides for six years now in Oklahoma and is a Minister of Music at Divine Wisdom Worship Center in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

He was awarded a Gold Record for a hit single entitled “Let The Music Play” by Shannon in 1983 and has
produced and worked with artists such as Lisa Fischer, Shannon, Teddy Riley and Cherisse Rose of Changing Faces to name a few.

As an award winning:
Producer/Songwriter/Arranger/Musician, Quentin has enjoyed a professional career of over 40 years playing for many headliners.

His record production credits are, but not limited to: Video Burnout – Toni Marsh,  Let The Music Play – Shannon, Give Me Tonight – Shannon, If This Ain’t Love – Jay Novelle, On The Upside – Xena (Lisa Fischer), Love Patrol – Love Patrol, Dear Abby – Duke (worked on production with Teddy Riley), Private Invitation – Cherrise Rose w/Changing Faces.

Our Mission

To be a company that is universally successful and a leading entity in coordinating, marketing, publishing, manufacturing and distributing sound recordings and videos. To be a company that vigorously conducts talent scouting and development of local and new artists.

Our Vision

To be a vessel that will release to the world recordings that will be to the glory of GOD. Recordings that will universally enhance inspire and create a spiritual change in listeners. To create and release recordings that all who hear will be drawn closer to worship the spirit of GOD and be drawn closer to their salvation.

To be a company that successfully coordinates, markets, publishes manufactures and distributes sound recordings, and conducts talent scouting and development of local new artists.